Warema External Louvres

Outdoor blinds & Venetian blinds

Perfect lighting for any time of day. This WAREMA blinds, external blinds and shutters provide light steering.  they can be in almost any angle adjust – comfortable from the inside. Thus, light coming through the fins into the space can be prevented when undesirable insight. heat shield in summer, additional isolation in the winter. Used correctly, blinds also improve the energy balance of your building.


max. Width 5000 mm
max. Height 5000 mm
max. Area 12 – 18 m²
Slat width 80/60 mm
Drive Motor or crank
Type designations C / E 80/60 A2/A6

Detailed graphics

  1. Aperture Available in different shapes, folded, powder-coated
  2. Lamellae Available in 60 or 80 mm width
  3. Guide rails (a) Extruded powder coated to ensure the proper running of the slats. For noise insulation are black piping pulled rope guide (b) nylon-sheathed steel wire strand by punching in the slats, lower tension cable holder made of aluminum   
  4. Bottom rail made of extruded aluminum, powder-coated