Corradi Aluminium Roof Structures

Pergotenda Millenium

A terrace that becomes a living room, the corner of a garden transformed into a relaxing space, an outdoor area in the city is now a space to be lived in all year round.  A custom-made and innovative solution for every outdoor space.

Pergotenda Iridium

Pergotenda Iridium aluminium that becomes lightness. Simple, solid shapes, in perfect Corradi style.

Pergotenda B-Space

Corradi has designed this awning for long spans end to end. The B-Space will support itself over nine (9) metres. This feature is great for the hospitality industry, allowing the system to be free of posts, and out of the way.

Pergotenda Impact

Corradi has designed the Impact to suit pre existing structures. Long spans can be reached using the support of new or pre existing structures.


Falce ceiling

Falce Ceilings can be added to any new or existing structure. The fabrics chosen by Corradi are the result of ongoing research of new processing methods that combine elegance and refinement typical of interior design fabrics, with the practicality and the strength necessary to outdoor content.  

The fabrics are ‘made in Italy’ and are also:

  • stain mildew;
  • salt water resistant;
  • sunlight resistant;
  • completely hydro and oil repellent; and
  • machine washable.